January 7th - 27th

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13

Prayer Topics
Day 1 – Thanksgiving
Day 2 – Repentance
Day 3 – Unity
Day 4 – Justice
Day 5 – Perserverance
Day 6 – Students & Teachers
Day 7 – New York City
Prayer Topics
Day 8 – Groups
Day 9 – Servant Leaders
Day 10 – Teams
Day 11 – Families & Marriage
Day 12 – YTHx
Day 13 – Salvations
Day 14 - Vision
Prayer Topics
Day 15 – Businesses
Day 16 – Financial Provision
Day 17 – Our Nation & Leaders
Day 18 – Pastors & Churches
Day 19 – Courage
Day 20 – Love For One Another
Day 21 - Revival For Our Nation
Prayer REsources
BIBLE PLANS & Resources
Why we fast

“Fasting helps us to express, to deepen, and to confirm the resolution that we are ready to sacrifice anything, even ourselves, to attain the Kingdom of God.”Andrew Murray

Fasting is the act of choosing to abstain from food for a period of time. When we fast, we are practicing spiritual discipline by sacrificing one of our most essential daily routines. There is power in the absence of food as we hunger after the word and seek God with our mind, heart, body and spirit. There are several different ways that we can partner both prayer and fasting together.

Some examples include:
LIQUID FAST: Consuming only liquids for a specific period of time
PARTIAL FAST: Abstaining from specific kinds of food. For example Daniel Fast
TV/SOCIAL MEDIA: Choosing to abstain from certain technologies for a specific period of time

Prayer Requests
Favor in her medical specialty and for my team to prosper. I want to enbodies the gifts of the Holy Spirit in my workplace.
New job and a new apartment.
Wisdom and my future spouse.
Godly friendships, future spouse, and emotional healing.
Healing for Jay. Financial provision. Future spouse. Self discipline and to grow in my spiritual journey.