Go and walk through the land in every direction, for I am giving it to you.


 We are praying for: 

Renewal In Our Hearts

Revival In The Church

Awakening For The City

Our Neighborhoods

Join us as we gather across the borough of Manhattan to pray for every block, every building and everybody.

Sign up for a prayer group to receive more information and commit to walking in a specific neighborhood.

Washington Heights

West Harlem

East Harlem

Upper West Side

Upper East Side

Midtown West

Midtown East

Lower Manhattan West

Lower Manhattan East

When is the walk?
The NYC Prayer Walk is from August 15 to September 4. We will walk Monday–Saturday. Each prayer group will have a designated time to meet (time TBA) by August 1 on the specific group page.

Where will we be walking?
We will be walking in the borough of Manhattan and covering 508 miles. Each prayer group will have a daily meet up location and route based on their neighborhood. Meet up location and routes will be updated by August 7 and listed under events on the groups page.

How long will we be walking for?
Each prayer group will walk approximately 2.8 miles, or for 1 hour, each day in their designated neighborhood.

Do I have to commit to walk each day? Do I have to go to the same group each day?
Everybody can participate! Choose to join daily or come as often as you can. If you want to walk in more than one group based on your schedule/location, please be sure to sign up for each group.

I am not a part of Trinity New York, can I still participate?
All are welcome! We would love for you to join us! Are you a part of a church community or local organization? Let us know and get your church or organization involved by emailing [email protected].

I want to participate but I don’t live in NYC, can I still walk?
Yes! Set aside time daily over the 21 days to walk and pray where you live. Sign up for our “Virtual” prayer group and let us know the location you are joining from.

How do I sign up/participate?
Signing up is easy! Scroll up, choose a neighborhood, click the graphic, and sign up through the link that opens. All meet-up locations will be listed in the link.